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Physical Therapist Assistant: Internet Resources

This guide is designed to support the Physical Therapist Assistant Program @ Mott Community College.

Web Content Evaluation Tips

  1. What does the domain name tell you? If the domain name includes .gov at the end it is a government website (, if has an .edu it is educational (, and .org is for non-profits ( Remember that just because a site is a non-profit, doesn't mean it may not have bias, but in general these are more reliable sites.  Also, remember that anyone can purchase and register a .com domain name.
  2. Look at the URL (the web address located on the top of the page in the address bar). Is there a personal name in the URL? That may give you a clue that it is a personal site and reflects the views of an individual person. 
  3. Who is responsible for the page? Is there a page author listed? Is there a company name or contact information listed? If there is no one listed that takes responsibility for the page you may want take that into consideration.

Here are some links to reliable sites that will help you with your evaluation:

Cornell Web Evaluation Website

UC Berkeley Web Evaluation Tips

John Hopkins Evaluating Sources on the Internet

Internet Resources


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