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Mott Community College Reopening Training: SOCIAL DISTANCING

For the safety of our College and campus community it is crucial that all faculty, staff, students, onsite partners, and visitors follow all MCC Reopening Standards

 Social Distancing IconPhysically distance 6’ or more at all times, to the greatest extent possible.

Social Distancing

To facilitate social and physical distancing MCC will initiate the following measures:


MCC will be offering four types of instruction:

  • Face-to-Face (F2F) - Students attend classes and programs in-person at the MCC main campus or sites

  • Hybrid (HYB) - A combination of face-to-face and online instruction. Some online classes with designated dates for campus attendance

  • 100% Online Instruction (WWW) - Classes and programs are totally online

  • WCA - mostly online classes with some campus attendance

New Dining Processes

  • When food is again available for sale on campus, it will be grab and go. 

  • Individuals must wear a mask or face covering when purchasing food. Masks or face coverings must remain on until eating and must be replaced after eating is done.

  • You are encouraged to pack a lunch to bring with you instead of purchasing food on campus or go off campus.

  • Seating for dining will be limited. You can eat at your desk, outside or in your car.

Restrooms, Elevators and Parking Lots

Restrooms -

  • Number of persons in the restroom will be limited. Please follow signage posted on restroom doors. . 

  • It is recommended that masks or face coverings be worn in group restrooms. 

  • Hands should be thoroughly washed after use of the restroom.

Elevators - 

  • Number of persons in elevators will be limited . Please follow signage posted by elevator doors.

  • Masks or face covering should always be worn regardless of if you are alone or with others in the elevator

  • If possible, avoid touching elevator buttons or other surfaces with exposed fingers.

  • Employees will receive touchless door openers that can be used to push elevator buttons.

  • Use hand sanitizer upon leaving the elevator

Parking lots - 

  • Maintain appropriate physical distancing when exiting your car. If another person is exiting their car, wait for them to move away before you exit.

  • Wear a mask or face covering when exiting your car.

  • Avoid touching other cars and surfaces.

  • Wash hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer after you have reached your destination on campus.

Scheduling your arrival 

In order to ensure that we keep the amount of people in our MCC facilities at a minimum, several work options will be available. 

  • Remote Work: Individuals will work remotely 100% and can carry out all of their work responsibilities off campus. 
  • Alternating Days/Hours Remote Work: Individuals will work a limited number of  days or hours remotely. The rest of their time will be spent working on campus or at a MCC site. Work responsibilities can be carried out less than 100%  of their responsibilities on campus. Those assignments that must be face-to-face will be the only times that individuals are working on campus or at a MCC site.  
  • Staggered Reporting/Departing: Those individuals who are working face-to-face or Alternating Days/Hour Remote Work will be expected to stagger schedules of report and depart times by at least 30 minutes so less people will be at entrance and exit points at the same time. This reduces common traffic to meet social distancing requirements.  


During this time all meetings will take place using Zoom, telephone and other MCC technology. Executive Cabinet members can approve essential face-to-face meetings to take place. Please remember convening in groups increases the risk of viral transmission and is highly discouraged. If a face-to-face meeting takes place on campus, social distancing and face covering usage are required.

Importance of developing departmental plans (contact tracing)

It is critically important that each MCC department and onsite partner develop a reopening plan for the area. These plans allow employees and students to understand and follow the strict guidelines for working and learning in the new normal. The plans also give direction and reminders that keep individuals vigilant at all times for mitigating risk. Should any type of exposure occur in the department, the plans become a vital part of filling in the gaps of a person’s interactions and supports contact tracing efforts. Plans include types of PPE  required for the area, workflows, work procedures and processes, directional signage requirements, visual cues such as colored tape for standing 6’ apart, and disinfectant and sanitation methods that will be required. 

Mass Transportation

For individuals using public transportation, please follow the guidelines of MTA. Always wear a mask before entering the bus and avoid touching surfaces with your hands. Place your personal items in your lap and not on the seat or floor. Use a disposable bag to carry your personal items including your book bag. When leaving the bus take your personal items out of the bag and throw it away in the trash can.  Wash your hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizers before you remove your mask.  

Working in office environments (less than 6ft distancing)

Stay as much as possible six feet from co-workers, students or visitors. Ensure that you have sneeze guards or other protective partitions that separate you from other individuals. Individuals working in private confined office spaces are not required to wear face coverings in those offices. Individuals working in open areas, reception/receiving areas, or in spaces with more than one person in a room are required to wear face coverings at all times. 

Masks/face coverings must also be worn when inside any MCC building public space that includes hallways, break rooms, conference rooms and other people meeting locations.

Classroom setups (nontraditional setups due to space requirements)

  • Whenever possible, classrooms will be set up to allow for recommended physical distancing requirements.

  • If possible, doors will be designated as entrance and exit to allow for safe flow of individuals entering and leaving the classroom. Signage will be provided for entrance and exit for these doors.

  • Furniture in classrooms should not be moved from the prescribed arrangement.

  • Masks or face coverings must be worn during classes.

  • If physical distancing can’t be maintained in a classroom setting, students will be required to sign a waiver prior to the start of classes.

Timing of classes 

  • Class times will be staggered to limit the number of people in hallways.

  • Individuals are encouraged not to linger in hallways before or after classes.

Fitness Center, Bookstore, ChildCare, Gym, Library, Family Life Center 

  • Access to areas like the Fitness Center, Bookstore, Child Care Center, Mott Library, and Family Life Center will be controlled to limit the number of people in these spaces. Capacity limits will vary by space. Signage at the entrances will be posted to provide direction.

  • Appointments may be necessary to use services and space in these areas. Only those with a prior appointment will be allowed access. Please check the Reopening Webpage for further guidance and protocols. 

  • Follow the directions provided by each area. Some spaces may have additional requirements in place for safety of all.

  • Masks or face coverings will be required when using these areas and accessing services. Physical distancing standards must be followed.

  • Proper hand washing and hand sanitizing is necessary after touching surfaces.


Those needing to send or pickup mail are asked to please call ahead to alert the mailroom staff by dialing (810) 726-0309. Your mail can be placed on a table in the Receiving hallway outside of the mailroom or at the outdoor entrance (curbside pickup), based on your preference. This process will remain the same for dropping off outgoing mail, which should be placed in the basket located in those areas.

Visitors on Campus (Only those doing business on campus, no guests)

All visitors are expected to follow the MCC Standards and perform the Mandatory Health and Wellness Check before they travel to MCC. Only visitors transacting business with MCC or any MCC partner will be allowed entry into buildings. If visitors bring guests with them to transact business, then they will be asked to remain outside of the MCC facility.

Wearing your Identification badge

All MCC employees are expected to show their MCC ID as they enter a building. This allows staff monitoring entrances to engage only visitors that may need assistance as they enter the building. Temporary IDs will be issued until the official MCC ID is received.

Buildings will be locked after the start of the last class 

In order to discourage individuals from entering MCC facilities after work and class hours, all MCC building entrance points will be locked thirty minutes after the start of the last class and the last department closes in that facility for the day.

As an affirmative action/equal opportunity institution, the College encourages diversity and provides equal opportunity in education, employment, all of its programs, and the use of its facilities. The College does not discriminate in educational or employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, gender, gender expression, gender identity, national origin, veteran’s status, age, disability unrelated to an individual’s ability to perform adequately, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Title IX Coordinator Contact Information: 1401 E. Court St., Prahl College Center –Student Success Services Center (PCC-2280E), Flint, MI 48503, (810) 762-0024.

Title II, ADA, Coordinator Contact Information: 1401 E. Court St., Curtice-Mott Complex (CM-1117, Flint, MI 48503 (810) 762-0373.

Section 504 Coordinator Contact Information: 1401 E. Court St., Prahl College Center (PCC-2280A), Flint, MI 48503 (810) 232-2557.

Mott Community College | 1401 E. Court Street | Flint, Michigan 48503 | (810) 762-0200