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Occupational Therapy Assistant: Reserve Collection - OTA

This guide is designed to support Occupational Therapy Assistant program @ Mott Community College

OT/PT 100 - Physical Medicine Terminology

Books on the Reserve Collection shelf DO NOT CIRCULATE.  Please, if you using these books, DO NOT RESHELVE them, but place them on the book truck for the librarian to take care of.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.  This material is for use in Room 1010 ONLY.

Remember: If you do not see a book on the RESERVE shelf that 'you think' should be there, check the online catalog and circulating shelves to be sure the book has not been purchased for the library's collection.

OT/PT 113 - Applied Anatomy

OTA 100 - Introduction to Occupational Therapy Assistant

OTA 102 - Pathophysiology for OTA

OTA 126 - Activity Analysis

OTA 133 - Pediatric OTA Interventions

OTA 135 - OTA Assessments

OTA 220 - Group Skills in Occupational Therapy

OTA 225 - Assistive Technologies & Techniques in OT

OTA 230 - Geriatric OTA Interventions

OTA 232 - Transitions in Occupational Therapy

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