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Poland: History, travel and culture: Home

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Our library catalog will help you find books on subjects like history, music, literature, cooking, etc. of Poland and nearby places.  Other books may be found under related subjects such as World War II, the Holocaust, Communism, etc., or the names of notable individuals such as Lech Walesa, Frederic Chopin, or Marie Curie.  If you just want to browse the shelves, here are some of the major shelving areas.  A few selected items from our collection are shown below.


DK4010-4800 History of Poland

Nearby and related areas:

DAW1001-1051 History of Central Europe

DB1-3150 History of Central Europe (Austria. Liechtenstein. Hungary. Czechoslovakia)

DJK1-77 History of Eastern Europe (General)

DK1-949.5 History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics.


PG6001-7446 Polish language and literature

Nearby and related languages/literatures:

PG1-7925 Slavic languages and literature


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Video, audio and more!

Selections below are from the Mott Library's streaming video and multimedia resources.  Use your Mott login credentials to sign in.

Exploring Poland via Films on Demand

Interested in learning Polish?

Polish art via Artstor

Flag and coat of arms

Basic facts & figures

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